Developed as service (native dll). When the function is called with coordinates and algorithm parameters it calculates the optimal route and returns formatted xml. Data is loaded from SQL server at first call and used from shared memory after that.


  • Itinerary (list of the route events) contains full data including all turns, lane information, signposts, and real time status information for particular part of the route
  • Real time traffic restrictions are taken into account during route finding
  • Route calculation method: optimized or shortest
  • Vehicle types: car or pedestrian
  • Road types: unpaved, standard, motorways, per-use Toll (all selectable)
  • For toll roads complete per-use charge is calculated and displayed in itinerary
  • Multi language support
  • Supports multi-point route (additional via points)
  • Developed in native C++, uses modified version of A star algorithm (in-house developed). In system with 182500 Nodes and 229800 Edges calculates over 1000km length route in less than 1/3 second. Output is fully formatted xml.

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