PCI 20001

The aim of this project was to "bring back to life" Burr Brown's 20001 Data Acquisition System in the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at Belgrade (12 channels, digital and analogue, rate generator and counter system). System was in the working state but there was no Windows software support. The only application was old, DOS based, "black screen" app which had poor visualisation and no results export options. So, new application was made for Win9x (at the time). I have also added export to .txt file and to Excel file options, so the results can be further analyzed. Library were PCI-20485S Master Link Software Libraries for Win32. These libraries have very low-level hardware support functions which I have used to create set of classes. Many function parameters had to be set to default values, and I needed to create measuring error correction routines. Application has very sophisticated error handling, because every non handled error leads to complete system blocking.

Second part of this project was to create link with MatLab software. This part was done by creating MatLab's dll using C language and MexFunction() interface. As a result, whole acquisition (setting parameters, starting, getting results) is now possible from MatLab. This opens a new level of post processing acquisition results in this powerful application.

There are two types of the acquisition: fast and slow. We need to select  channels, base frequency, dT and DT. Results are real-time visualised (with voltmeter and oscilloscope windows)  and saved to files.

Quick preview of the results is available in the Chart window (with range selection, moving thru series of results).


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